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Curious about the Dolphins?

The Creation of Carl Sundahl's Dolphin Mascot

It all started before the school was originally built.  The Principal in charge of opening the new school had a BBQ and invited all excited neighborhood kids and the teachers who were going to be part of the new adventure.  The Principal talked about the need for a mascot and a school color.  Many kids and teachers had different mascots in mind.

The Principal listened intently, gave a positive comment about each suggested animal and then included a BUT as to a reason why the animal just would not do for our brand new school.  After several suggestions, someone asked the principal if she had a mascot in mind.  The Principal responded with, "I am so glad that you asked, and yes I do... I think we should be the dolphins!".  To which everyone responded: "We are going to be what?, in Folsom? Really?

The Principal started talking about dolphins and their attributes:

  • Dolphins are SMART
  • They take CARE of each other
  • They are CURIOUS
  • They are GENTLE creatures
  • They are HELPFUL and KIND
  • Dolphins are PEACEFUL animals
  • Dolphins have been known to save lives

She ended by asking "Isn't that just EXACTLY what we want of our STUDENTS?"

The guests got quiet.  What else could be said?  Then came the response from kids and teachers alike.

"We are the DOLPHINS! Of course we are"

We are the what? D O L P H I N S!



The Principal knew exactly what she wanted for Sundahl.  She drew the students and teachers in, and all realized a wise women had spoken.  She must be a very wise leader indeed as they named a different elementary school after her: Sandra J Gallardo.